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miami addiction treatment

Sunny Miami, Florida is home to bikini babes, sandy beaches, a hot nightlife, and you guessed it, party drugs. Greatly surrounded by water, Miami has historically been a landing point for drug smugglers. Drugs that were ultimately distributed to individuals and groups enjoying the party scene. Although a lot has been done in recent decades to address these issues, Miami drug & alcohol addiction continues to be an issue. However, there are incredible treatment programs near by, such as Level Up Lake Worth.

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    Benzo Addiction

    Benzodiazepines, better known as benzos, are a group of drugs used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and sometimes seizures. Although many benefit from the use of these medications, their use does carry a risk of addiction. As far as Miami-based benzo addiction treatment options go, Level Up has provided effective therapy to many and is a trusted option.

    Cocaine Addiction

    It may not be linked in the ’70s or ’80s, but cocaine use in Miami is still very prevalent. Cocaine is a highly addictive substance with a short activation period, meaning frequent use is required to maintain the effects. The strong cravings that accompany the come down make it challenging to overcome cocaine addiction alone and professional treatment may be required.

    Heroin Addiction

    Miami is just one of the thousands of cities in America battling the opioid crisis. Another highly addictive substance, heroin is an opioid that can be derived from ingredients found in nature and is frequently manufactured illicitly. Compared to other opioids, heroin is cost-effective and strong. Unfortunately, when heroin is illicitly made, it is commonly mixed with other ingredients as “fillers”. The unknown makes this drug particularly dangerous and the risk of overdose is inevitable. Our heroin detox program can help Miami-based patients overcome the physical, mental, and social aspects of heroin addiction.

    Prescription Drug Addiction

    South Florida has an unfortunate history with prescription drugs. Most commonly known are the pain pill clinics that popped up several years ago and began prescribing opioid pain relievers judiciously, contributing to the opioid epidemic. However, Florida has come a long way and has shut down many of these clinics, charging countless doctors with legal suits and pulling their medical licenses due to negligence. Not to say that prescription drugs are no longer an issue. For Miami residents who developed a prescription drug addiction, a prescription drug detox program should be the first stop.

    Street Drug Addiction

    Miami is one for some pretty crazy headlines, and street drugs like “bath salts” are no exception. This is just one example of the many illicitly made drugs available on the streets of Miami. Getting help from an addiction treatment program is always recommended for people who have struggled with street drug addiction because there is a higher risk and more uncertainty when detoxing from these types of substances.

    Why Choose Level Up

    Regardless of the substance(s) that you or your loved one is struggling with, Miami residents and individuals looking for treatment in Miami should consider our South Florida rehab, Level Up Lake Worth for the following reasons:

    • Qualified and passionate staff
    • Comprehensive addiction treatment
    • Holistic therapies
    • Luxury Facilities
    • Fully licensed and Accredited by the Joint Commissions

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    Whether you live in Miami or you are looking to travel to Miami for drug and alcohol rehab, Level Up Lake Worth is an ideal option. Our facilities are a short drive from Miami-Dade County, but far enough removed to escape the metropolitan party scene. Call 877-219-2888 to speak with an admission specialist. 

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