Sound Therapy

Alleviating Detox Symptoms

Stress & anxiety reduction

What is Sound Therapy?

An ancient practice using vibration frequencies

Healing Vibration

Change your frequency

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Lower blood pressure, reduced pain and more

Sound Healing for Detox Symptoms

Chemical addiction is a human condition that gives off a low wave frequency. This low frequency represents a state of abnormality or illness. The detox process can bring on sensations of discomfort while the body works through the mechanisms it has to normalize bodily functions. Levels of discomfort may vary from person to person and they will change throughout the detox process. At Level Up Lake Worth, we employ the use of sound therapy, or sound vibrations, to relieve the discomfort a client may feel.

Although sound therapy provides many benefits, stress relief and reduction are among the most significant during drug and alcohol detox. Stress can contribute to greater discomfort and more severe withdrawal symptoms. The right sound vibrations can alleviate that stress and provide much-needed relaxation for clients.

alternative treatment
sound therapy

What is Sound Therapy

Sound Healing is an ancient practice of the use of vibrational frequencies to send healing messages to the body’s cells. Cymatics, derived from the Greek word meaning “kyma” or “a great wave”, is also a theory that explains how sound therapy works.

Cymatics refers to the waves, or sound frequencies, that emanates from a source, travel distances, and penetrate an object causing said object to be altered on multiple levels (physical, cellular, molecular, emotional, mental, etc.). Illness, such as chemical addiction, causes the body’s sound frequency to become unstable. The vibrations of sounds can penetrate the human body, sending a message to every cell to re-balance the frequency and re-establish equilibrium.

Common instruments used during a sound therapy session include sound bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, tuning forks, chimes, and voice. At Level Up, we combine the use of sound healing with our other alternative treatments, including yoga and massage.

Healing Vibration

Quantum physics explains that the world is in a constant state of motion and the nanoparticles making up our existence are always vibrating. However, each person and each object is vibrating at a different frequency. This vibration is a part of every fiber of our being, but it can be affected greatly by outside factors. When these outside factors change our vibration, they can change our thoughts and beliefs. Healing vibrations will bring the mind and body back to a positive, relaxed state of being.

sound therapy
sound therapy

Benefits of Sound Therapy

As mentioned above, the benefits of sound therapy are numerous. In addition to stress reduction, the benefits include reducing blood pressure, reducing pain, easing anxiety, regulating the limbic system, improving circulation, shortening healing periods, improving quality of sleep, and producing an overall sense of calm. These are the reasons why sound healing is the perfect complement to our medical detox program.

  • Lower Blood Pressure – helps to reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • Reduced Pain – As the muscles are relaxed, tension and spasms are alleviated.
  • Reduced Anxiety – A state of relaxation is initiated that also affects increased sleep quality and shortens the time periods needed for healing.
  • Improved Heart rate – As the heart rate slows, variability (HRV) is improved which leads to less stress.
  • Regulated Limbic System – Leads to an increased sense of calm, the body is reconditioned to self-regulate and be less reactive to stressful triggers.
  • Increased Circulation – Results in better nourishment to the cells and body organs.
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