Alternative Addiction Treatment

Addiction is kind of like laundry, you always have to be working on it and it never truly goes away. However, there is a major difference. When you don’t do your laundry, you stink; but when you let your addiction get out of control, your whole life starts to spiral. There are physical and health consequences of addiction as well as changes addicts may make that only perpetuate the addiction cycle. Overcoming addiction is not as simple as going to meetings once a week and staying out of bars. Most people have to make a commitment to changing the way they approach their day to day lives. This can start by replacing old habits with new healthy habits as a part of a holistic lifestyle. Alternative addiction treatment and therapies are a great way to learn new, healthy habits and start incorporating them into this new lifestyle.

Our team at Level Up Treatment Center is determined at providing a solid foundation for addiction recovery. We help each and every client get a strong start at a sober life through our alcohol detox and drug detox programs, followed by inpatient treatment. At every level of care, we incorporate medical and alternative therapies for a holistic experience. We support the transition from active addiction to recovery from the very start of the process. The following alternative addiction therapies complement the traditional methods of addiction treatment, leading clients towards complete physical and mental wellbeing. Our treatment program is designed to help manage the detox process and reduce release rates across the board.

The Benefits & Why Choose A Holistic Drug Rehab Over Traditional Rehabilitation

A Balanced Approach

There are many misconceptions about holistic rehab centers and what the use of atlernative treatment really means. For one, it does not mean that medications are not used. What it does mean is that our clients are provided with a well-rounded rehab experience. When appropriate, our clients have access to a variety of treatment options including alternative treatments, therapy, and medications. Trained addiction specialists will work with each client to understand their relationship with addiction and their personal cirsumstances. Together, an personalized treatment plan is developed, and may evolve as the individual progresses during recovery.

Get Access to Alternative Addiction Treatments

At Level Up Treatment Center, our approach encompasses a balance of traditional and alternative addiction treatments to provide a well-rounded and beneficial approach to recovery. Including the use of medications to manage symptoms, we create a safe passage through the withdrawal process via alternative therapies. This includes yoga and massage to stimulate physical comfort and mental clarity. We aim to create a comprehensive addiction treatment program for the best possible results.

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