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Drug detox is a challenging process best done under medical supervision. Learn all important information about drug detox and how our expert team at We Level Up Lake Worth FL can provide medical care, support and guidance.

Substance use disorders affect a massive number of individuals across the United States and abroad. It can have a devastating impact on those who sufffer from it and their families.

These are some of the results of the 2022 national survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA)

  • Among people aged 12 or older in 2022, 48.7% drank alcohol, and 16.5% used an illicit drug, with marijuana being the most used illicit drug (nearly 62 million people in this age group using it in the past year). 
  • In 2022, within the same age group, 48.7 million people (or 17.3%) had a substance use disorder (SUD) in the past year: 29.5 million had alcohol use disorder (AUD), 27.2 million had drug use disorder (DUD), and 8 million had both AUD and DUD.
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There is hope and help for individuals who have a desire to overcome their addiction and seek treatment. Choosing a reliable drug detox in Florida is the first essential step for those starting to recover from any substance addiction problem. We Level Up Lake Worth FL expert team provides comprehensive care, support and guidence through the drug detox process, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is Drug Detox?

Drug detoxification, more commonly referred to as detox, refers to the process of breaking the physical bonds of addiction. Both the physical and mental aspects of addiction can be equally strong. Changes in the brain affect the entire body, causing cravings and many other physiological symptoms. This makes it reasonably difficult to overcome an addiction, even when the desire to quit is present.

The side effects that accompany the detox process are known as withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can take a toll on the individual mentally and physically. While experiencing withdrawal symptoms, decision-making skills become strained, difficult, and dangerous. Discomfort, hallucinations, and cravings can smother the desire to quit. Without the right precautionary measures in place, these symptoms can lead to more drug use and dangerous actions.

Withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly from one substance to another but may include nausea and vomiting, anxiety and paranoia, muscle cramps, aching or weakness, irritability, seizures, hallucinations, and insomnia. The length of the process can also vary depending on factors such as which substances were used, how long the use has taken place, and the amount used.

That is why it is best to conduct drug detox under medical supervision and with the guidance and support of a team of experienced professionals. At our treatment center in Florida drug detox procedure is designed to make the detox process as comfortable as possible and minimize all associated risks. Round-the-clock care and monitoring are provided to assist those with chronic symptoms and ensure every client’s safety. 

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We Level Up Lake Worth Florida drug detox center is a luxury detox facility that is equipped with everything necessary to achieve sobriety. This includes the most highly qualified and trained staff and various treatment options. Our staff is licensed to prescribe FDA-approved medications needed to ease the detox process. They are available 24/7 to provide authentic care and assistance. Following a short stay in our detox and residential rehab program, We Level Up Lake Worth patients are ready and prepared for the next phase of their recovery journey.

A medically supervised drug detox Florida works to minimize the symptoms of withdrawal. This makes the initial days of breaking an addiction as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

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You can count on 24/7 medical assistance in our drug detox centers Florida.

Why Is Drug Detox Important?

Not only is drug detox an inevitable process for many individuals who seek recovery, but it is also an important aspect of achieving overall mental and psychological well-being. Although not everyone who detoxes will experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms, it is never an easy process. However, breaking an addiction is necessary to achieve a healthier life and a stronger mind. 

Detoxing in the right setting can reduce the pressure and anxiety that come with the first few days of the process and increase the possibility of avoiding relapse. For the well-being of the individual and those around them, it is highly advised to seek the assistance of a professional medical detox program.

Stages of Our Florida Drug Detox

Stage 1: Evaluation

The first stage of drug detox is the evaluation stage. This involves determining what substances the individual has consumed, identifying any potential mental health concerns, discussing any existing medical conditions, and developing a strategy for detox and long-term treatment. A professional collects data for evaluation and, based on it, provides a tailored drug detox Florida treatment. Typically, this evaluation is at least partially done during the pre-admission assessment call, but if needed, some information is collected later as well. Your responsibility at this stage is only to provide honest answers. 

Stage 2: Stabilization

Stabilization is the longest phase of detox. During this time, the caregivers will help the client acclimate to the detox process, provide continuous monitoring, and treat any symptoms that may present. The goal is to keep the client as healthy as possible until withdrawal symptoms have subsided. When needed, professionals can prescribe medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms. In this stage, your responsibilities grow, and discipline is expected. You will have a schedule to keep up with, and your active participation will be necessary for the success of the program in the Florida drug detox center.

Stage 3: Ongoing Treatment

The purpose of the third stage of detox is to establish a long-term plan that works well to allow the client to continue working on their recovery, develop skills for relapse prevention, and acclimate back into their day-to-day life. As with the evaluation stage, it is important to share information with a professional in charge of creating a program for you so that a feasible plan you can commit to can be developed. 

The total length of our drug detox Florida program, as well as any of its stages, can vary depending on the drug in question, as well as factors related to your health and the experience of using drugs. 

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Drug detox Florida starts with an evaluation.

Our Detox Programs

We Level Up Lake Worth offers a variety of drug detox programs, as well as alcohol detox in Florida. Here is an overview of the programs that would be additionally tailored to respond to your needs and circumstances:

Alcohol detox: It aims to eliminate any trace of alcohol from your body and return it to its normal way of functioning. The longer a person consumes alcohol, the detox will take more time, making it vital to react as soon as the first signs of alcohol addiction are present.

Cocaine: Cocaine addiction impacts the central nervous system, making withdrawal symptoms overwhelming. This alone speaks of the necessity for cocaine detox in Florida to be done within a facility that can ease this process.

Heroine and other opiates: The specificity of heroin and other opioids is the speed with which their use can lead to addiction.  Relapse rates for opioid withdrawal are also among the highest of any addictive substance. Cessation of opioid use brings some of the most intense cravings and most unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms include fever, sweating, nausea, diarrhea, and chills. Because of their severity, the person suffering from opiod addiction needs to go through a safe and medicine-supported opiod detox in Florida rehab centers.

Stimulants (Methamphetamine): Methamphetamine, or Meth for short, is a popular street drug. Withdrawal from it can cause various physical and psychological symptoms. The good news is that the Florida drug detox for Meth can last about a week if you choose our residential detox program.

Hallucinogens (LSD/Acid): Hallucinogens, as the name suggests, alter perception and create hallucinations that can lead to risky behavior. This makes relapses especially dangerous, so trying to detox on your own is not recommendable. Opting for a Florida drug detox center instead can significantly improve chances for success in overcoming addiction to hallucinogens.

Benzodiazepines: As with many other drugs, detoxing from benzos can be done at home. Still, it is highly unrecommendable, as withdrawal symptoms can be difficult to overcome on your own. Managed detoxification, however, decreases the symptoms and decreases the odds of relapse. Read more about our program for benzo detox in Florida.

Marijuana: Often considered one of the light drugs, marijuana too can cause addiction, and the first step to overcoming it is detoxification. Our drug rehab Florida facility can also support this process to avoid all the negative side effects of doing it at home. 

Barbiturates:  Barbiturates belong to the group of prescription drugs for which the addiction is often more difficult to recognize. Once you recognize it, a medicine-assisted drug detox in Florida is a recommendable approach to addressing it. Reach out to our team of experts for prescription drug detox in Florida.

Many drug detox centers in Florida offer some of these programs as well, but choosing We Level Up Lake Worth comes with a set of benefits.

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Why Choose Us for Drug Detox in Florida?

We not only provide a variety of detox programs, ensuring that any substance abuse challenge can be met, but we also do it in a particular way. For us, professionalism and tailored solutions are the key to success. We hire highly knowledgeable staff who work on the ongoing development of their skills and our programs. We are recognized as trusted partners by many companies and universities and are proud of the accreditations and certifications we´ve received so far. More than anything, we are proud of our clients who managed to overcome their addictions. Their recovery is our measure of success. 

At We Level Up Lake Worth, we take a holistic approach to recovery. This means providing a comprehensive experience that addresses all aspects of an individual’s health and wellness: physical, mental, and emotional. Our compassionate team is present throughout the detox process and beyond to address medical needs, mental health, comfort, and uncertainty. We provide proactive guidance to help clients stay focused on their sobriety goals.

When necessary, we can provide over-the-counter medications, in addition to short-term use of prescriptions like Suboxone, Methadone, Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and Disulfiram to mitigate the more severe side effects, symptoms, and cravings that accompany detox. This is an essential aspect of helping some clients in relapse prevention.

Finally, we understand that no two people are the same, which is why we carefully craft each Florida drug detox program to answer your needs, circumstances, and preferences. You are the main character of your recovery story, and our objective is to assist you in reclaiming your life and living your potential.

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Our drug detox in Florida is a carefully crafted program for each person.

Insurance and Admissions

To ease your stay with us, we partnered up with leading insurance companies. We are one of the rehabs in Florida that accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, as well as rehabs in Florida that accept Cigna. If you are unsure if your insurance company and plan are acceptable, you can always verify with your insurance agent or simply call us. An insurance check is one of the steps in our admission process.

Your recovery journey with us starts with a call. The first call can be an informative one; it´s non-binding and confidential. If you decide to enter our drug detox Florida, there are only a few steps to take:

  • Pre-admission assessment. During a 15-minute call, we collect certain information on your physical and mental health, as well as your drug use history or previous experiences with withdrawal or treatments. We use them to craft a program specifically for your case. 
  • Insurance and payment check. We conduct an insurance check to determine to what extent your insurance plan covers our services. If, however, you wish to make payments on your own, we can explore payment options with you. 
  • Assigning a dedicated treatment consultant. A member of our staff gets assigned to your case and acts as a liaison between you and the facility, ensuring smooth coordination of your drug detox in Florida.
  • Arranging transportation and arrival. As a final step, we will assist you with arranging transportation if needed. We agree on your arrival date and time. 

Our staff will be welcoming you on the day of your arrival to guide you through the first steps of your recovery. 

Location and Contact

Our detox center Lake Worth is located in the serene surroundings of Palm Beach County, Florida. It´s heaven for those looking for a Florida drug detox center. It is set in an idyllic location within comfortable driving distance for more than half of the nation´s population. Although we primarily serve locals, our doors are open to everyone in the US who wishes to undergo our treatment in this location. 

We specialize in drug detox in Florida and residential treatment and we offer an exclusive and private atmosphere, allowing you to focus on yourself and your recovery while feeling peaceful and comfortable. If you wish to know more about our facilities and drug detox Florida services, please contact us via our hotline at (855) 459-2880 or our online confidential contact form. We are here to answer any questions you might have.

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Overcoming an addiction is a challenging task. Having someone in your corner during this struggle can make all the difference, but sometimes, support from friends and family is not enough. Seeking professional help should become your priority if you wish for a stable and less overwhelming recovery experience. Medicine-assisted drug detox in Florida can be the first step to regaining control over your life and achieving drug-free life satisfaction. 

If you are looking to take the first step toward sobriety and you need a safe drug detox, We Level Up Lake Worth FL is here for you. Please contact us today to learn more about our drug and alcohol rehab programs and what our dedicated team of addiction treatment professionals can do to support you.

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SAMHSA (2023). HHS, SAMHSA Release 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health Data. [online] www.samhsa.gov. Available at: https://www.samhsa.gov/newsroom/press-announcements/20231113/hhs-samhsa-release-2022-nsduh-data.

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