The Body’s Natural Detox

The human mind and body work best when given proper nutrients, activity, and positive energy. When deprived of any of these elements, it cannot function at it’s highest level. When substances such as drugs or alcohol are consumed, they introduce toxins to the body. These toxins create in imbalance in the body because the brain is unable to regulate and produce the necessary neurotransmitters. The mind and body become weaker and function diminishes. Drugs end up creating a disconnect between the mind and body, making it difficult to preform the most basic functions on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Yoga is a practice that engages the mind and body, restoring balance caused by drug and alcohol addiction.

At Level Up Lake Worth, we introduce our clients to yoga to help them restore the connections between their mind and body. There are countless benefits to yoga which all can contribute to overall improved health and a more manageable journey to recovery. These benefits include reducing stress, improving energy levels, building physical fitness, developing self-discipline, repairing brain chemistry, achieving balance, helping detox organs, and providing a coping mechanism. All of these are imperative to assisting the detox process, in addition to reducing relapse rates. Yoga provides a means to re-establish a connection between the mind and body, releasing toxins and reducing stress in a natural, health manner.


Our yoga program is designed specifically for the client who is in recovery. A steady practice may help to:

Improve the function of blood chemistry, food metabolism and the nervous and glandular systems.

Provide nutritional guidelines on proper ingestion of foods that cleanse and rebuild the body system.

Reinvigorate the stamina and cleanse the system of those in recovery. Clients are restored along with their spiritual energy.

Plant the seeds for a new lifestyle that will be adopted and used to help improve the quality of life for each recovery center graduate

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Stretch, Sweat, and Remove Toxins

Starting yoga during drug and alcohol detox provides a method to naturally encourage the detoxification process. The medical detox process can be intense, but there are natural way to support it’s progression. Starting yoga during the detox phase of addiction recovery is one of these natural methods to encourage the natural onset of releasing toxins. As a part of our yoga program our instructors use intentional asana (poses and stretches) to challenge the body to stretch, sweat and remove toxins trapped throughout an individuals organs, muscles and tissues. Yoga poses, such as the warrior or pigeon poses, have a direct effect on encouraging the body’s own natural detox functions. These poses work best when combined with deep breathing techniques.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

During detox, it is common to experience feelings to stress and anxiety. Deep breathing and directed focus can help reduce stress levels and bring an person down into a state of calm and relaxation. Yoga specifically can regulate stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) by directly effecting the adrenal and glandular systems. When these hormones are out of control, they can lead to stronger cravings and increase the risk of relapse. By making yoga a part of our client’s every days lives from detox on, we provide them with a powerful tool to reduce stress, stay calm and grounded during detox, and reduce the risk of relapse.

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Using New Coping Mechanisms

In addition to reducing stress, yoga is a positive method of overcoming negative thoughts and emotions. Many people abuse drugs in an effort to escape from the realities of a hard life, trauma, or pain. When the drugs wear off, their issues are unresolved and new problems are likely developing. Without any coping mechanisms, addiction can progress quickly and become very dangerous. Yoga for addiction treatment promotes mindfulness and a positive manner to respond to negative thoughts and emotions. Instead of being consumed by negative emotions, yoga helps the participant gain control over what they feel and how they react.

Develop Self-Discipline with Yoga

Like most things in life, the effect of continuous and regular yoga practice build on itself. It also has an ability to build self-discipline. Yoga can help people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction overcome their impulsive tendancies and unhealthy urges. Over time, beneficial actions and positive reinforcement achieved through mindfulness practices become habits for everyday life.

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