Margate Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Our drug and alcohol rehab near Margate, FL, offers you a place to seek sobriety in a welcoming, relaxing location. Enjoy access to a nearby beach and plenty of amenities. Visiting relatives and friends supporting you in your battle with recovery will find several nearby hotels, and they can enjoy trips to natural attractions such as Butterfly World and Fern Forest Nature Center.


    Addiction Treatment in South Florida

    If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, or are worried about a family member who may be abusing substances, you’re far from alone. A survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that 24.6 million people in the United States age 12 or up reported using illicit drugs within the month prior to the survey. That was approximately 9.4 percent of the population at the time of the survey, or close to 1 in 10 people. And while drug use numbers have fluctuated in the past few years, millions of people are still using and falling into the cycle addiction. Our drug and alcohol rehab program near Margate, FL, provides proven, compassionate treatment methods to help you battle addiction if you are that 1 in 10.

    The opioid epidemic in South Florida — including in and around Margate — and across the nation has created a greater need for high-quality substance abuse treatment centers. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 11.5 million people in the U.S. abused prescription opioids in 2016, with almost a million more using heroin. Add in the number of people struggling with addiction to other types of drugs or alcohol, and you can see why inpatient substance abuse treatment located near Margate, FL, is a critical service.

    In addition, clients benefit from a variety of psycho-educational and process groups, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, trauma work and gender issues. Because of the holistic approach that is the cornerstone of our program, we incorporate massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation work, yoga, and music therapy, all provided on our drug rehab grounds.

    Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

    At Level Up Lake Worth in Margate, FL, our experienced, licensed and compassionate staff work with you to develop and implement a treatment plan to help you learn more about the addiction process, identify triggers and root causes for your substance abuse and develop healthy coping mechanisms so you can deal with these stressors without turning to drugs or alcohol.

    Our program isn’t a hospital or medically supervised detox program; rather, it’s a community residential rehab that lets you leverage the benefits of supervision and guidance from experienced counselors and clinical staff.

    Group and individual therapy help you address the root causes for your substance abuse and work on both resolutions and coping skills. Nutritional counseling helps you understand how to fuel your body for success and establish a healthy diet that addresses any medical or physical needs you may have. We also offer:

    • 12-step programming to prepare you to transition into a group after leaving residential treatment
    • Medication management to help you understand how to balance a drug-free lifestyle with any prescriptions or medical issues you may be dealing with
    • Case management to ensure you move from residential treatment into an appropriate outpatient, 12-step or individual therapy situation to increase your chances for success with sobriety
    • Recreational activities to redevelop confidence and interpersonal skills outside of a substance abuse lifestyle
    • Holistic therapies, including massage, yoga, acupuncture and music therapy, to treat your body, soul and mind

    Treatment for Alcohol Abuse or Drug Abuse in a Florida Setting

    One of the purposes of residential or inpatient treatment for drug abuse or alcohol abuse is to put a barrier between you and whatever led you to substance abuse in the first place. By stepping outside of your normal life and into a comfortable, safe environment with constant support, you’re better able to address your addiction and work on overcoming substance use.

    We think there’s no better place to do this than in sunny South Florida. Our facility’s housing is mere steps from the beach, letting you take advantage of some fun in the sun to relax and reflect during rehab.

    Drug and alcohol rehab certainly isn’t a vacation. It takes a willingness to commit to sobriety and put in the hard work in recovery, but it certainly helps when warm, sunny weather and beautiful surroundings can lift your mood and energize you for the road ahead.

    If you’re dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, don’t struggle alone. Call us at 954-504-9001 to learn more about treatment options in a beautiful location.

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