sober anniversary sayings

5 Sobriety Anniversary Phrases Worth Saying

When it comes to taboo topics, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to say. Even if you have some experience with addiction, you may still always feel like you are walking on eggshells. How do you show support without saying the wrong thing or enabling bad thoughts and behaviors? When a loved one is reaching a sobriety anniversary, whether it be one month or one year, saying the right thing can feel important. Consider the following sayings to show your loved one how you feel about this milestone:

I’m Proud of You

Sobriety is a struggle. It simply does not come easily and that deserves recognition. When someone we admire expresses their pride, it can feel like a hug to our core. Let your loved one know that you recognize all they have done and how far they have come. Being in recovery isn’t something they should have to hide or feel shame about. On the contrary, addiction can happen to anyone and they should feel proud of the adversity they have overcome. 

I’m Happy You’re Doing Well

A sobriety anniversary is a perfect time to express the dramatic changes you may have observed. Someone who has been sober for a year might look healthier, more energetic, and focused on the right things. Giving up toxic substances allows for the mind, body, and soul to heal in ways we never could have imagined. So go on and tell your sober loved one that you can tell how great they are doing. This lets them know that their wellbeing is important to others and provides encouragement to keep it up!

You’re an Inspiration

Most people face adversity in their lives and millions of Americans struggle with addiction every year. Unfortunately, many people die from substance-related causes. Those who overcome this disease truly do serve as an inspiration to the hundreds of thousands of people who are still battling addiction. Heck, it is an inspiration to all of us in showing that even the obstacles that seem impossible to overcome are possible with perseverance, positivity, and support.

Let’s Celebrate

This is a time to celebrate. When you have reached a year of marriage, you celebrate. Why would this be any different? Tell your loved one that you want to celebrate the milestone and do so in an appropriate manner. Here are some sober ways to celebrate any anniversary:

  • Bake a cake
  • Go to a theme park
  • Go out for a celebration dinner
  • Present an AA chip

You Deserve Happiness

Those who struggle with addiction often think “Why me? Why do I deserve this life? Why should l live when others die?” They may think that because of their mistakes and bad choices, that they are not worthy of happiness. It isn’t true and needs to be said out loud. Everyone deserves happiness and no one should feel like they need permission, but sometimes saying “you deserve to be happy” can be just what is needed.