Why The Ideal Time To Get Sober Is Now

While the COVID-19 pandemic is causing issues around the world, we would like to take a few minutes to explain why this might actually be the ideal time for individuals struggling with drugs or alcohol use to go to rehab and get sober. Why you ask? Well, we will tell you.

To Use or To Get Sober?

With people getting laid off or transitioning to working from home, getting used to virtual schooling, and eliminating their interactions with the world outside of their home, it’s safe to say the world is different. No commute means more time at home and more free time. For people who are not working, it means adopting an entirely new routine and added stress (financial as well as emotional). 

Individuals who struggle with addiction are now left with more moments of boredom and free time to let their most dangerous thoughts manifest. Someone who is already in the thralls of addiction all of a sudden doesn’t have coworkers and a boss watching what they do while they work. In fact, the isolation of working from home creates the perfect opportunity for them to use drugs or alcohol freely. This type of freedom could easily lead to an increase in the frequency of drug use and an increase in the dosages. These types of circumstances could cause addiction to spiral completely out of control. For most addictive substances, heavier drug use significantly increases the risk of overdose and other complications. 

Contrastly, the increased freedom and flexibility provides another opportunity for those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction: treatment. For many, a treatment program means putting their life on hold. However, the whole world seems to be on hold. What better time to commit to your recovery & sobriety than now? The ideal time to take control of your addiction and get sober is now.

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Your Next Fix Might Be Farther Than Ever

Although working or studying from home may create the opportunity to use drugs, the current pandemic has already created a barrier to drug use. Travel restrictions and stay at home orders have made it difficult for the distribution of many goods, and illegal drugs are no exception. For some, it may be very difficult to get their next fix. When a physical dependence exists, withdrawal is not far away. With detox being inevitable, we must once again ask the question: “What better time to get sober than now?”

Addiction Might Make You High Risk

The spread of COVID-19 has shaken the world. This illness has reminded our species of just how mortal we are. Meanwhile, the importance of immune health and proper hygiene has been highlighted during this time. Addiction has been connected with poor hygiene. Additionally, drug and alcohol abuse can lead to severely compromised immune health. Consequently, addicts are considered to be a part of the high-risk population and are more likely to exhibit severe symptoms if they contract COVID-19. Luckily, the human body can adjust quickly when under the proper conditions. Sobriety and the right nutrients can quickly get the human body back to its peak. The sooner sobriety is reached, to quicker one can begin building their strength against infections and diseases like the Coronavirus. This is just one more reason why it not only the ideal time to get sober, but a critical time to get sober.

Rehab Centers Are A Safe Space

If you are going to be self-isolating, why not do it in a place where your sobriety will be supported and there is also quick access to medical professionals. Accredited detox and rehab facilities might actually be the safest place for someone with a substance use disorder right now. The facilities are cleaned and sanitized regularly and clients are closely monitored so any symptoms would be caught early. 

Why not spend the rest of this country-wide quarantine in the safest, and most beneficial location possible? Get started at the ideal location during the ideal time to get sober. Contact Level Up Lake Worth today.

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