35 Sober Activities To Do While You Hunker Down During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Not sure what to do with your free time when you can’t go out to eat or hang out with friends? Well, we wanted you to know that there are endless activities you can do at home that involve zero alcohol and do not add the risk of contracting COVID-19, AKA the Coronavirus. Here is a list of 35 things for you to do over the next couple of weeks that only need you and maybe some minimal supplies that can be delivered:

  1. Take the seeds from any fruit in your house and start a garden.
  2. Play video games.
  3. Read a book.
  4. Learn to sew.
  5. Knit something.
  6. Learn to code.
  7. Bake a cake.
  8. Clean your house.
  9. Wash your car.
  10. Reorganize your closet.
  11. Do a puzzle.
  12. Start a blog.
  13. Find a virtual customer support job.
  14. Paint a picture.
  15. Create an at-home spa day.
  16. Meditate.
  17. Do yoga.
  18. Go for a run.
  19. Play with your pets.
  20. Take an online course.
  21. Write a story.
  22. Write a song.
  23. Say a prayer.
  24. Play solitaire.
  25. Work on your 12 steps.
  26. Start a blog.
  27. Learn to play an instrument.
  28. Scan and organize any printed photos.
  29. Declutter your fridge.
  30. Redecorate your bedroom or living room
  31. Start a Google Guide account and review every place you’ve been.
  32. Learn a new language.
  33. Learn how to take better photos with your phone.
  34. Attend an online group meeting.
  35. Start journaling.

This list is just a jumping-off point for you. For instance, after baking a cake, consider baking a tart or some cookies. Maybe learn 2 languages. The world is your oyster. It is really rare that we get an opportunity to do all of the things we always wanted to do but never had the time. Don’t let this time get away from you. Take advantage of it!

If you do feel yourself struggling with your sobriety, remember to call your support systems. Just because we are distanced socially, we still have many means of communication. Level Up Lake Worth is here to provide help in any way we can. Do not hesitate to contact our office if you or a loved one is in need of addiction treatment and support.

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