How Much Does Level Up Rehab Cost?

Level Up Lake Worth maintain top-quality rehab facilities that provide care for individuals struggling with addiction to a range of chemical substances. With a holistic approach to recovery, we offer behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and alternative addiction therapies. The multitude of services offered under our care brings about an important question for many: “How much does Level Up Rehab cost?”

Why it Could be Important to Ask How Much Does Level Up Rehab Cost

It is easy to say not to worry about how much treatment costs at Level Up Lake Worth, but the reality is that money plays a huge role in our lives. At Level Up, one thing we want to avoid is for our clients to quit their job and use every last penny they have to get treatment. In this event, the individual may leave treatment with little to nothing to their name and it could feel like the world is against them. This is not a good situation for a newly sober individual who is getting out of rehab. We work with our clients to ensure they are seeking help in a manner that sets them up for the greatest chance of recovery.

Why it Doesn’t Matter How Much Level Up Rehab Costs 

Yes, it sounds contradictory to say it doesn’t matter how much Level Up rehab costs but in the scope of things, money truly isn’t usually the greatest determining factor. For one, most individuals find that their treatment is covered by their insurance provider and payment is a non-issue. Additionally, there are many ways that untreated addiction can affect someone’s finances directly and indirectly. This is not limited to but may include:

  • The cost of alcohol or drugs
  • Missed days of work due to substance use
  • Being let go from work
  • Legal fees for arrests caused by drug use or possession

Beyond the financial costs, think about all of the other ways in which addiction could be costly. It can affect relationships with your friends and family. Some recovering addicts spend a lifetime trying to make up for the damage they caused while using. Addiction costs others their freedom by getting arrested for drug possession or for harming others while drunk or high. These are just a few examples of what addiction could cost a person who does not get sober.

Securing Payment for Treatment

As mentioned above, many American’s are covered by their insurance provider for addiction treatment. These individuals may not have to pay any out-of-pocket costs depending on their specific insurance plan and if Level Up in-network. 

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For individuals that are not insured, there are still a variety of payment options. Self-pay, financing, and payment plans are all possible routes. Additionally, scholarships are available to select individuals who are in need and who have proven that they are serious about getting sober. 

If you or your loved one is in need of help from a drug and alcohol rehab, call our office to speak with an admissions specialist and further discuss your question, “how much does Level Up rehab cost?”

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