How to Stay Sober During New Year's

How To Stay Sober During New Year’s

New Year’s Eve is a magical time of year that brims with promise and the allure of a fresh start. But aside from the aspirational sentiment of this holiday, it can also be a stressful time of temptation for recovering addicts. NYE is a holiday known for partying, and trying to celebrate without your unusual substances can be discouraging. If you’re looking to stay sober during New Year’s, check out these easy-to-implement ideas for sticking to your new-and-improved sober you.


1. Find (and share) your favorite mocktail recipes with the party host

Found a winning mocktail recipe that’s NYE worthy? Share it with the party host to ensure that you have a fun drink to sip on all night long. Make it pretty and no one will mind one bit that there’s no alcohol in it. A fun alternative to water or plain soda, it’s certain to be a welcome addition to the beverage options that both drinking and non-drinking partygoers will appreciate.

2. BYO (Non-Alcoholic) B

Alcohol-free beer is a great alternative that provides the genuine malty-goodness of a brewski, without the buzz. This once niche market has grown considerably with major beer manufacturers now getting on board. Just be sure to check the label, some beers labeled as “non-alcoholic” actually contain trace amounts of alcohol. Heineken’s 0.0 beer is the real deal that’s completely alcohol-free.

3. Keep something in your hands at all times

Peer pressure is one of the biggest influences on drinking and drug use. Even if you have no desire to drink, it’s easy to feel like the odd-man-out when everyone else has a drink in their hands. To avoid feeling self-conscious try to keep your hands occupied and holding something as often as possible. This can be a drink or a plate of food, or even a camera – an easy way to guarantee you’re the party’s favorite person. 

4. Drink beverages in a fancy glass

Regardless of whether you’re having a fancy mocktail or something simple, get in on the festivities by drinking out of a fancy glass. Sipping sparkling water or orange juice inherently feels much more elevated when it’s done out of a champagne glass. If you’re used to relying on alcohol to put you in the partying spirit, try incorporating other fun drinking accessories you’re accustomed to using like stirrers, garnishes, or little umbrellas. This holiday doesn’t revolve around what’s in your cup, it’s about putting yourself in a festive mood! 

5. Don’t volunteer to be the designated driver

It might seem counterintuitive that a person who doesn’t plan on drinking should avoid volunteering as DD – but hear us out. Accepting the responsibility of being a designated driver doesn’t just involve staying sober, it also means that you are obligated to stay at the party until your passengers are ready to depart – and depending on how rambunctious they’re feeling, it could be a while. This puts you, the recovering addict, in a tough spot of having to stick around as the party guests around you continue to get drunker and drunker and unable to leave when you want to. While offering to be DD is a nice gesture, it’s worth putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation that puts your recovery at risk

6. Don’t hang out with your old crew from your using days

Addiction is closely tied to familiar settings and hanging out with your old friends in your old haunts can significantly increase your risk of relapsing. If your friends plan on partying in places where you used to use drugs, or with people who do, you’d be better off sitting this soiree out. Don’t bring in the New Year by falling into old destructive habits.


Struggling to Stay Sober on Your Own?

If you’ve decided to partake in New Year’s Eve festivities, all the usual roles for staying sober apply: use the buddy system, have an exit strategy, and to leave as soon as you feel uncomfortable. If you’re looking for long-term solutions to staying sober, the alcohol rehab treatment at Level Up Lake Worth may be able to help. Start with alcohol detox and then move on to your own personalized alcohol addiction treatment program. Give us a call today to make 2021 the year you regain control of your life.