The Media and Encouraging Addiction

Is The Media Encouraging Addiction?

Addiction to prescription drugsalcohol and other substances is on the rise. While some claim the increase is due to careless doctors, others suggest different forms of media are to blame. Movie and television studios are constantly glamorizing drugs, alcohol and tobacco in their features. Often to the point where some might feel left out if they don’t participate in using themselves.

Take alcohol for example. While some films portray the darkness of alcoholism accurately, others make it seem like drinking is fun. College frat parties show everyone having a blast without any of the repercussions of alcohol. Even on television, beautiful and funny people are having a drink of something and embarking on an adventure.

Movies are also showcasing drugs in a funny and whimsical manner. Take marijuana for example. Groups of friends gather around and smoke a joint and comedy ensues. It suggests this is nothing more than a harmless and social drug. Despite medical research showing that marijuana is often a gateway to harder drugs.

The glamorizing of substances

It doesn’t end with alcohol and marijuana. We still see addiction to prescription drugs in visual media. Take for example House. In the show, the titular character has an addiction to prescription pain medication. While it shows the darker size of the drug, there are few drawbacks to his drug usage. He still remains the hero of the show, there is almost no impact to his mind and outside of a stint in rehab during a season finale, he continues to function as normal.

Sometimes characters do go in for prescription drug addiction treatment in these shows. The portrayal of the rehab center often steers people who need help away. The centers are presented as dark, prison like places where people struggle to just make it through the day. In reality, this supports an addicts reasoning for not getting the help they need. After all, who would want to get help from a location that comes across as sinister and evil.

Places like Level Up Lake Worth take a different approach. We are committed to providing help to those with an addiction to prescription drugs and other substances with real help. Our staff is friendly and our facilities are warm and welcoming. Our only goal is to help you to discover the tools that help you to combat your addiction and to begin the recovery process.

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