10 Quotes About Recovery In A Time Of Need

Addiction Inspiration & Recovery

Sometimes the process of recovery can seem overwhelming, especially in the beginning. Keeping a list of easy-to-remember quotes about recovery is one way to have a quick reminder about how to stay on track.

Recovery literature is one source of easy-to-remember sayings and slogans that can provide a defense against relapse.

Support groups also are a good place to take notes about meaningful statements from others who have had some time in recovery and have been able to put together a toolbox of references for living a life of sobriety.


Memorizing these 10 quotes about
recovery could save your day:

“Keep it simple.”
When new ways of thinking and behaving seem mind-boggling, just remember to put one foot in front of the other and do the next indicated thing. Over-analyzing wastes time and creates complications where none exist.

“First things first.”
Putting sobriety ahead of everything else may seem impossible, even ridiculous at first. People in recovery soon come to realize that a long “to-do” list is much more likely to be accomplished when one is sober instead of drunk or high.

“I’m F.I.N.E.” (frazzled, insecure, neurotic, emotional)
When someone says, “How are you?” our knee-jerk response is “Fine,” which more often than not is a lie. Being honest with others and ourselves is a key to sobriety.

“Resentment is the dubious luxury of other people.”
As people delve into the underlying issues of addiction, they soon discover anger and resentment that they had buried with alcohol and drugs. A key element of staying sober is learning to deal with resentment without drinking or using.

“Have an attitude of gratitude.”
Another important part of sober living is remembering to be grateful, no matter what. Even in the midst of stress and grief, it is possible to find reasons for gratitude.

“We wouldn’t worry so much about what other people think of us if we realized how seldom they do.”
Alcoholics and drug addicts are masters of self-centeredness. Letting go of obsession with what others think brings the peace of sober living.

“Sobriety is the ability to live peacefully, joyfully and humbly with ourselves; then we can live that way with everyone else.”
This is the same notion as quote No. 2. Putting sobriety first and taking care of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health is our priority.

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re missing the funniest show in town.”
A sense of humor goes a long way in staying sober.

“Fear is disguised in anger and self-pity; I’m afraid I will lose something I have, or I will not get something I want.”
Alcoholics and drug addicts face many emotions when they no longer have chemical substances to cover them up. Recovery means learning to deal with fear – real and imagined.

“Fear is a four-letter “F” word.” (false evidence appearing real)
Take a step away from your FEAR and determine what is true and what is false.

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