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Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Connecticut

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Connecticut

Home to Yale University and the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Connecticut is located in the northeastern United States and is a city with a rich history and a lot to offer it’s residents. However, it is also home to thousands of people who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, drug related overdoses have risen significantly over the last decade. The most common drugs associated with overdose in Connecticut are heroin, fentanyl, and cocaine. The situation reached such a level that residents were more likely to die from an overdose then from a vehicle accident.

Drug Treatment in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has done a tremendous job implementing programs to reduce drug related overdoses, particularly opioid related overdoses. One example is their NORA program, or the Naloxone + Opioid Response App. This application is a free application that focused on educating people addicted to opioids on what naloxone is and how to use it.

The Colorado Department of Mental Health and Addiction services funds over 170 community-based rehab profgrams as well as operating 3 state inpatient treatment facilities.


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Find A Trusted Treatment Center in Connecticut

When you are looking to get youself or your loved one help, it’s important to make sure the facilities, physicians, and treatment are all trustworth. Finding a treatment center that has everything needed to promote recovery is important. Unfortunately, not every rehab facility in Connecticut offers the high-quality treatment you are looking for. Doing the research to find a rehab that is properly certified, proven successful, and employes professionals that sincerely want to help are all important. For many, finding the right treatment facilities means looking out of state.

Level Up Lake Worth in South Florida offers many years of experience and offers a range of treatment options. Our goal is on providing holistic, evidence-based care to each and every client we admit to our program. Our facilties are fully accredited and we accept most private insurance providers. We also employ the best drug and alcohol treatment professionals. All of our employees share our mission and believe in our holistic approach to build a supportive environment, where healing can occur for the client, family, friends and loved ones.

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Addiction help is just a phone call away. People from Litchfeild, Harford, Tolland, Windham, New London, Middlesex, New Haven, and Fairfeild Counties in Connecticut, as well as people from across the United States, travel to Level Up Lake Worth in Florida for help. We will help you determine if our rehab centers are right for you and if your insurance will cover the cost. We will also help arrange transportation to our Florida Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center. Contact our admissions line to get started on your journey to recovery.

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