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Whether you live here or not, if you are looking for a rehab near Deerfield Beach, then you have navigated to the right place. Level Up Lake Worth is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab and Treatment Center located less than 30 minutes from Deerfield Beach, Florida. Located just a short drive north of Deerfield, Level Up is an effective treatment center that is trusted by the local community. Level Up was founded by a group of passionate individuals who overcame their own struggles with addiction. We know the journey that you and your family are on, and our team is here to help. Our owners are proud to boast the following reason why you can trust us to help you or your loved one through recovery.


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    Location, Location, Location

    It’s all about location, right? But, we aren’t just talking about the proximity to Deerfield Beach. Level Up Lake Worth provides a sober living community for those who are working through their recovery journey and can benefit from the continuous support of our staff and their peers. The residences include semi-private rooms and bathrooms, common areas, and recreation spaces to make it feel like home.

    Evidence-Based Care

    There are many approaches that Deerfield Beach treatment centers take toward treating addiction. At Level Up, we use methods that are proven to work. Our addiction treatment approach includes evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, and yoga. We don’t just get our client sober, we work to give them the tools they need to stay sober.

    Behavioral Addiction Treatment

    Many Deerfield Beach drug and alcohol rehab centers treat just that, chemical addictions. We know that addiction can be to activities, not just substances. That is why it is not just about how a rehab treats addiction, but what addictions they treat. We are one of the few South Florida Treatment Centers that also offers behavioral addiction treatment. The most common behavioral addictions we treat include gambling addiction, eating disorders, and gaming addiction. However, we are equipped to treat behavioral and chemical addictions of all kinds.

    Qualified & Passionate Staff

    Every member of our team, from or clinical directors to massage therapists are passionate about addiction and recovery. Hand-selected by our executive team, this is the best team you could ask for. They are all highly trained and experienced in addiction treatment. Our Director of Admissions will ensure getting into rehab goes smoothly. Our Primary Therapists will help develop the emotional intelligence and mental tools to stay sober outside of rehab. It takes a village, and we are here to be that village.

    Deerfield Beach’s Choice for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

    Although we may not be located specifically in Deerfield Beach, we are a top choice for those looking for a rehab in the area. Don’t wait another minute. Get started on the road to recovery when you call Level Up Lake Worth today.

    With facilities located in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth and treatment is close enough to Deerfield Beach to easily attend inpatient or outpatient treatment. Whether you need to seclude yourself and live on-site with 24/7 care during detox, or you just need meetings and therapy a few days a week to keep you on track, Level Up is a top choice for South Florida addiction treatment. 

    Get started today on the road to recovery. Call to speak with an admissions coordinator and learn how we can help you or your loved one.

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