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Level Up Treatment Centers has been providing care for drug and alcohol addiction in Delray Beach, Florida for years. Our addiction treatment center is near Delray Beach and is among the most highly trusted programs in the area. Fully licensed and accredited addiction treatment facilities, we always meet or exceed the highest standards of care set forth in the industry. When you choose Level Up, you are choosing a better future for yourself and your loved ones. Here is why…


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    Our Mission & Values

    The approach that we take to treatment at Level Up is different than many other rehabs because our mission is different. Although our desire to provide quality treatment goes without saying, we go a few steps further than that. As a part of our treatment program, we don’t just focus on developing coping strategies. Our program is designed to help clients realize their full potential and let go of any limitations they may have created in their own minds. In fact, our mission is to provide a road map back to your fullest, most authentic potential so you can choose a dream life without limitations.

    Our Treatment Facility & Staff

    Experience, education, and passion are some of the things that we know Delray Beach clients and their family members expect from addiction professionals and we expect the same. From our nurses and therapists to our admissions reps and case managers, every member of our team is supreme, of the highest quality, degree, character, and importance. These are the people who heavily impact your time at Level up, and we don’t take that lightly. Additionally, we put great care into maintaining our facilities and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere to encourage peace of mind. 

    Drug & Alcohol Rehab Options Near Delray

    Recovery is a process that requires different levels of care depending on where you are in the process. For this reason, we offer a continuum of care via multiple levels of care this includes:

    Interpersonal Development

    As a part of our program offerings, we run the Level Up Development Series. This series is a program designed to get participants to look at personal and professional boundaries, victimhood, and psychological recreation of habitual setbacks. During the series, participants work on developing communication skills, confidence, and other interpersonal skills. The series created by the Level Up team is a key component of why our clients are able to achieve great success in their new life.

    Delray Beach’s Choice for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

    If you are looking for rehab, therapy, care, and support during this challenging time in your life, then join the Level Up family. In terms of Delray Beach drug and alcohol recovery options, you have stumbled upon what might be the best option for your life goals.

    We are here to help you start living your best life. Get started today when you contact our Admissions Office for an evaluation and insurance verification.

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