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Level Up Lake Worth is located just a short drive from Pembroke Pines, less than an hour away. Although they are technically different cities, it would not be difficult for a client to travel to our Lake Worth facility from anywhere in this family-friendly area. Location is not the only reason why you should choose our addiction treatment center near Pembroke Pines for your recovery journey.

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    Our Pembroke Pines Treatment Program

    At Level Up Lake Worth, we offer recovery programming designed to help our clients get clean and sober and to help them stay that way. Both of these aspects of recovery are just as important as the other and neither is easy. How do we help clients achieve this? It starts with medical detox programs tailored to address and manage the unique withdrawal symptoms clients may face. These symptoms can depend on the substances they abused, how long they have been struggling, and their personal circumstances. Following detox, clients are provided the option of continuing with a long-term residential treatment program. In this program, clients can dedicate 100% of their focus to the recovery journey, avoiding triggers or distractions.

    Levels of Care Available

    When you contact our Pompano Beach offices, we can connect you with quality addiction treatment options. Our admissions coordinators will ask a variety of questions to understand you or your loved one’s needs and provide details on the recommended level of care. Our levels of care available include:

    • Drug & Alcohol Detox Program
    • Residential Programs
    • Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    The Level Up Recovery Approach

    Yes, we want our clients to stop using drugs or alcohol, but we also want so much more for them. This is why we take a holistic approach to recovery.  We look at every aspect of the human, physical, emotional, and spiritual. By helping our clients overcome any and all limiting thoughts they may have, we create space to realize they can truly accomplish anything-including overcoming addiction.

    • Fully licensed and accredited facilities
    • Accepting most private insurance providers
    • Our professional experts meet the highest quality of addiction treatment
    • Offering comprehensive & effective addiction treatment programs
    • Featuring multiple unique alternative therapies

    Evidence-Based Care

    According to a publication in the Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal, evidence-based medical care “requires the integration of the best research evidence, clinical expertise and the patient’s unique values and circumstances.” At Level Up, we do just that. Our experienced addiction treatment clinical team utilizes a wide array of practices that are backed by quality studies. We also create individualized treatment plans which allow us to provide certain types of programs or therapy to the clients whose unique circumstances indicate an alignment with said treatment.

    Behavioral Therapy

    Behavioral therapy encompasses a number of types of therapeutic practices from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to System Desensitization. However, each type of behavioral therapy is connected to the idea of identifying behaviors that lead to unhealthy, destructive, or dangerous consequences and changing or replacing these behaviors with positive ones. Our clinical therapists are trained in behavioral therapy and utilize it to help clients overcome their addiction(s).

    Support Groups

    Most things in life are easier or at least more enjoyable when you have someone else to share them with. Recovery is no different. Group therapy and support group meetings are critical aspects of the process. Gathering with others who empathize with what you are going through because they are going through it too, learning that you are not alone in the types of thoughts and experiences you have had, and sharing your growth and gaining inspiration from the growth of others are some of the things you will gain from support group sessions at our Level Up Treatment Center near Pembroke Pines.

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    Contact our Joint Commission Accredited addiction treatment facility near Pembroke Pines and get started on your journey to Leveling Up. We will help you overcome substance abuse, mental health issues, and help you realize your potential. With the right tools, team, and time on your side, the world is your oyster. Call 877-219-2888 to speak with an admission specialist.

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