Massachusetts Drug and Alcohol Treatment

massachusetts drug and alcohol treatment

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Massachusetts

A report published by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, over 80,000 individuals in their state received treatment for drug and alcohol addiction in the 2017 fiscal year. If these individuals, 32.8% were admitted with alcohol as their primary substance of use and 52.8% were admitted with heroin as their primary substance of use. Providing access to Massachusetts residents with access to quality drug and alcohol treatment is key to addressing alcohol and heroin abuse among its residents.

Types of Massachusetts Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Massachusetts residents who seek treatment may find that there are multiple types of drug and alcohol treatment, and they are provided at varying levels of care. These levels of care include Inpatient hospitalization, detox, and residential treatment. 

Each individual’s journey to recovery will look a little different than another’s and will likely involve a continuum of care that transitions from higher levels of care to lower levels of care. For this reason, cookie-cutter treatment programs are typically less successful. Seek out help from a treatment center that creates personalized treatment plans for each client working toward recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. 

When creating an individualized drug and alcohol treatment plan for addiction, a case manager with work with you and your clinical team to develop the best route for your recovery. Some of the things that they will consider include your home environment, history of drug and alcohol use, life circumstances, medications, and possible co-occurring mental health conditions (dual diagnosis).


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Insurance & Payment for Massachusetts Addiction Treatment

Are you a Massachusetts resident ready to get help, but you are not sure how you are going to pay for drug and alcohol addiction treatment? If you have private insurance via your spouse, job, or and individual private plan, then we are happy to tell you that there is a good chance you have access to some level of coverage. State insurance plans also include coverage for substance use disorders but will only be accepted at select facilities. 

Coverage may vary greatly from one insurance plan to another. At Level Up Lake Worth, we are happy to help you by verifying your insurance benefits and making sure you understand what insurance will cost and get you admitted in a timely manner to the best facility for your needs.

If you do not have health insurance or your Illinois health insurance does not cover drug and alcohol treatment, there are still a number of other payment options. The most common ways that people without insurance pay for treatment include self-payment, financial assistance from a loved with (including a promissory note), a private loan, or a scholarship.

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