Michigan Drug and Alcohol Treatment

michigan drug and alcohol treatment

Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Michigan

If you are a Michigan resident struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, you are not alone. When looking at the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in the state of Michigan, you will see statistics very similar to the national averages. For the most part, this holds true for underage use, adult use, and abuse. The problem is that among individuals 12 and older, approximately 14.8 million people struggle with an alcohol use disorder and 8.1 million people struggle with an illicit drug use disorder. These numbers signify that a large portion of the Michigan population struggle with substance abuse and there is a great need for access to quality addiction treatment services.

Opioid Epidemic in Michigan

Among the greatest concerns for substance abuse in Michigan is rising rates of opioid dependence. Across the country, physicians have turned to the use of pharmaceutical opioids for pain management. In 2018 alone, 8.4 million opioid prescriptions were filled in Michigan. However, these substances are highly addictive and can produce severe withdrawal symptoms. Between 1999 and 2018, the mortality rate of opioid rated overdoses increased 18x from 118 to 2,036 deaths.

In order to combat this epidemic, doctors have decreased the number of opioid prescriptions they fill. Doctors and pharmacists have also enrolled in a universal platform that allows them to review a patient’s medical history and prescription history to avoid overprescribing. However, many who become addicted to a prescription opioid later begin seeking illicit opioids that are easier to access, cheaper, and stronger. Illicitly made opioid drugs such as heroin and fentanyl are much more dangerous and bring a significantly higher risk of overdose. For Michigan residents who are dependent and/or addicted to opioid use, help from a medical detox center and qualified addiction treatment rehab could be paramount for their recovery.


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Alcohol Addiction in Michigan

Unfortunately, the last prevent report published by the CDC looks at numbers from nearly a decade ago. This report states that nearly 20% of adults participated in binge drinking during 2011. Binge drinking is a behavior that can cause negative side effects such as liver damage, nausea & headaches, and in some cases overdose is possible. Alcohol is a legal substance that takes the lives of too many Michigan residents every year.

Michigan Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The journey to recovery for a drug addict or alcoholic is a delicate and difficult one. Depending on the substance(s) used, how long the individual has been using, how much they use, and the support structure, the recovery process will vary greatly from one individual to another. The levels of care that you or your loved one may be admitted to during their recovery may include detox, inpatient care, and residential treatment. Typically, someone seeking treatment will be admitted to a detox facility and then will transition into lower levels of care based on their history with treatment, insurance coverage, and any special circumstances. If you or your loved one has been through treatment previously, then they may be referred to a higher level of care or a longer stay in treatment this time around.

Paying for Michigan Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Payment for local Michigan addiction treatment and out-of-state addiction treatment may vary based on coverage, if you plan to pay using health insurance. Most private insurance providers offer some level of coverage for treatment. Coverage may be greater if the treatment facility is in-network. If you are uninsured, this does not mean that quality treatment for substance use is out of reach. Consider one of these other options for payment of your treatment plan:

  • Self-Pay
  • Private Loan
  • Scholarship Programs

When you are at a fork in the road, take the bright path paved with support and resources. It may be a longer path and it may have some twists and turns, but it also might be the only path that will get you where you need to be. For many Michigan residents, the best path for addiction treatment leads them to Level Up Lake Worth in South Florida. Our full-service drug and alcohol rehab facility provide an array of treatment programs and a holistic approach to recovery. 

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