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How Does Cocaine Cause Anxiety?

The American Psychiatric Association estimates that anxiety affects nearly one-third of all adults. It can be caused by genetics, environmental factors, and even the substances people use to ease their minds: drugs. Does cocaine cause anxiety? Yes, but that’s not all it does. In addition to increased anxiety, cocaine use has been linked to chronic […]

What Is Moderate Drinking?

Moderation is key to living a healthy life, but that can be hard to do if you don’t know where the line between “normal” and “too much” falls. Fortunately, there are specific and defined drinking levels that can help you determine whether your alcohol consumption habit is normal (or not). In this article, we’ll discuss […]

What Is Gabapentin Used For?

Even if you’ve never used gabapentin personally, you likely know someone who has. Initially created as an anti-seizure medication, off-label use of this drug has exploded due to the versatile nature of its pharmacology. Considered to be a safer and less addictive alternative to opioid prescriptions, gabapentin has quickly become one of the most commonly […]

Is Addiction A Disease?

Is addiction a disease? According to the definitions used by most medical associations, yes, and a chronic one at that. However, medical lexicon is surprisingly fluid–and remarkably biased–making addiction’s classification such a challenging endeavor. This article breaks down the terminology, how those terms have evolved, and how these concepts fit with one another in the […]

How Much Alcohol Is Safe To Drink Daily?

Many people across the globe enjoy a glass of wine with their dinner or whiskey on the rocks for a nightcap. In fact, they may enjoy it so much that it becomes a daily habit. On the other hand, some people drink unhealthy amounts on a daily basis. Individuals that drink habitually are likely struggling […]

Is Alcoholism Genetic?

Alcoholism may not be the preventable and self-inflicted disease we believe it to be–at least, not entirely. Evidence of the hereditary connection to alcoholism is mounting. One finding is that the children of alcoholics are four times more likely to be alcoholics themselves. Numerous adoption studies have shown that rates of alcoholism are more closely […]

Stress and Addiction Relapse: The Enemy of Sobriety

Stress is a negative emotional state that affects far more than just your mental health. It takes quite a toll physically as well. Stress is known to cause and aggravate a number of serious health issues. These include heart disease, diabetes, depression, and even Alzheimer’s. When it comes to addiction recovery, stress isn’t just a […]

The Relationship Between Alcohol and Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety is a normal and naturally occurring feeling that arises when people are faced with challenging circumstances. However, when this feeling continues to persist once the stressor has been removed it falls under the realm of an anxiety disorder, a type of mental illness. Conditions like anxiety and depression are known for having a complex […]

How to Heal Veins From IV Drug Use

Veins are a vast and intricate network of blood vessels located throughout every inch of the body. They are tasked with the crucial role of ensuring your organs and skin receive oxygenated blood. Despite how important they are to the cardiovascular system and overall health, veins are quite fragile and easily prone to damage and […]

World Bipolar Day: How You Can Help

What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder and chronic mental illness that was previously known as manic-depressive disorder. It is characterized by severe swings in mood, energy, and activity levels. While these changes are natural and happen to everyone, for individuals with bipolar disorder, these shifts are far more drastic. So much […]

Side Effects of Mixing Meloxicam and Alcohol

It’s well known that taking alcohol and painkillers together is a terrible idea, but how dangerous would it be to drink alcohol while taking arthritis medication like Meloxicam? The short answer: It’s very risky. It’s powerful and can cause major heart and gastrointestinal problems that could be life-threatening. Additionally, many of the specific side effects […]

The Dangers of Mixing Suboxone and Cocaine

The nature of how Suboxone works means that opioid abusers will find it increasingly difficult to get a high from their habitual substance of choice. This sometimes results in those individuals turning to other drugs which is always a bad idea–no matter the type. So, despite Suboxone being a legal pharmaceutical, many adverse drug interactions […]

What Is A Halfway House? (It’s Different from Sober Living Homes)

Halfway House: Definition A halfway house is a type of temporary residence with a controlled environment that allows individuals to gain (or regain) the necessary skills to reintegrate into society. The term originated in the 1840s and refers to residents being “halfway” to independent living from their previous correctional or addiction treatment facility. They provide […]

Mixing Lithium & Alcohol

People who experience any health issue that is treated with pharmaceuticals, or really any drugs, need to be aware of the benefits and the risks. They also need to be aware of any drug interactions that may alter the efficacy of the medication or cause adverse effects. Lithium and how it interacts with alcohol is […]

Is A Gabapentin Overdose Possible?

As is the case with virtually any type of drug, yes, a gabapentin overdose is possible. What makes this possibility so shocking, however, is that since its creation in the 1980s, gabapentin was widely believed to be relatively harmless with no danger of misuse. Now, this anti-seizure medication has begun to draw national attention as […]

How Long Does Klonopin Stay In Your System

Klonopin is a powerful benzodiazepine used for the treatment of panic disorders and seizures. This classification includes the likes of Xanax and Valium, notorious for their potential to become habit-forming. While Klonopin may not be in the spotlight as often, these powerful benzos can result in addiction, overdose, and withdrawal effects. One major contributor to […]

3 Signs That Someone Is Using Crystal Meths

The descent into crystal meth addiction is swift, dangerous – and far from subtle. Meth is a synthetic drug and one of the most powerful central nervous stimulants out there. The most well-known crystal meth side effects are the severe deterioration of oral and skin health in a matter of only a few short years. […]

Self Harm Awareness: Self-Injury & Addiction

March is recognized as Self Harm Awareness Month, a month dedicated to bringing awareness to something that happens across all genders, races, beliefs, and ages. One in five individuals will engage in self-injury in their lifetime, with the vast majority beginning during adolescence.  What is Self Harm? Deliberate or intentional harm to one’s self is […]

How Does Alcohol Age You? (Spoiler: It’s Not Pretty)

What do birthdays, teenagers, and alcohol have in common? They can make you feel really, really old. In the case of alcohol, it does so quite literally. How does alcohol age you exactly? In more ways than one. Its dehydrating effects can add years to your face, skin, and body to make you look older […]

Social Drinker vs Problem Drinker: What’s The Difference?

You’re out for a night of fun with friends and your one drink has turned into half a dozen. You don’t normally drink this much, just every once in a while so it’s fine…right? Determining when you should be concerned about your drinking habit can be surprisingly difficult.  Social Drinker vs Problem Drinker The line […]

Can Alcohol Cause Kidney Failure?

Drinking too much can cause a ton of health issues, one of them being compromised kidney function. Can alcohol cause kidney failure? Yes. This in turn can lead to liver disease or outright liver failure, the results of which can be fatal (how shocking that despite this, people still drink alcohol) Your kidneys play an […]

What It’s Like Being Married To An Alcoholic

Being married to an alcoholic is hard – and making your marriage work can be even harder. Sometimes referred to as an alcoholic marriage, this unhealthy relationship dynamic takes a tremendous emotional, financial, and physical toll on the spouse as well as the drinker. Not only that, but it often causes irreparable harm to the […]

The Importance of a Support System in Recovery

The importance of a support system in recovery cannot be overstated. It can make the difference between long-term recovery and relapsing. Having a guaranteed source of positive interaction greatly improves physical and mental health with long-lasting benefits. It does not matter the size or scope of your support system as it’s quality over quantity. Support […]

Drugs Used to Treat Alcoholism & How They Work

Alcohol addiction is a disease that goes far beyond willpower. Chronic alcohol abuse can rewire your brain not only to crave a substance but physically require it in order to function. This dependence is why kicking a drinking habit is so difficult. Fortunately, there are several types of drugs used to treat alcoholism that target […]

Is Dating In Recovery A Bad Idea? Tips for Making it Work

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and everyone has ‘love’ on the brain. For recovering addicts, however, romantic relationships can be a tricky subject. Dating in recovery can be particularly challenging and adds an extra layer of uncertainty to an already nerve-wracking situation. While there are no hard and fast rules for dating while in recovery, […]

What Is Dual Diagnosis Anonymous?

Dealing with drug addiction is already a pretty hefty burden to bear. Having to wrestle with mental health issues on top of this can make the process even more difficult. Only recently has this condition, known as dual diagnosis, been recognized as needing a specialized treatment approach. Although many rehab facilities now offer dual diagnosis […]

Heroin & Teeth | How Drugs Affect Your Teeth

The dangerous effects of heroin are nothing to smile about—in fact, heroin might leave you without a smile at all. Meth is notorious for causing dental issues (commonly referred to as “meth mouth”), but most people don’t realize that there are other drugs that can also seriously affect oral health. Drugs such as heroin, cause […]

The Truth About Heroin Withdrawal & Death

Heroin withdrawal and withdrawal from opioids, in general, is not considered to be a deadly process. This is because heroin withdrawal-related deaths are not common and they are completely avoidable. The trick is understanding why heroin withdrawal can be deadly, what the factors are to consider, and how exactly is it avoided? What Happens During […]

What Are the Physical Signs of Heroin Addiction?

Heroin addiction isn’t pretty – and not just because of the shockingly high mortality rate (heroin accounted for 25% of all drug overdose fatalities in 2016). This illegal street drug takes a tremendous toll on the body, affecting everything from your ability to speak to the beating of your heart. In this article, we’ll explore […]

Heroin & The Senses: What Heroin Looks, Feels, Smells, and Tastes Like

Heroin is a notorious psychoactive drug known for bringing users to euphoric highs and miserable lows. It can be produced cheaply and quickly, which has led to heroin’s proliferation in cities, rural areas, and of people of all ages and socioeconomic standings resulting in the ongoing opioid epidemic. Having no medical use, heroin is an […]

What Are the Signs of Opioid Addiction?

It can be difficult to identify the signs of opioid addiction if you don’t know what to look for. Addiction, especially in its early stages, isn’t always like what you see on television with dramatic standoffs and dangerous criminals. Sometimes it can be deceptively subtle. The individual indicators of opioid addiction might seem harmless in […]

How Long Do Opioids Stay In Your System?

Opioids are a broad classification of drugs that encompasses a wide variety of both licit and illicit substances. There are dozens of different types of opioids and opioid-derivatives and just as they vary in their purpose, so does the duration of how long they stay in the body. Just because you may no longer feel […]

Is Your Relationship Healthy? Signs of Codependency

Dysfunction Disguised as Devotion While compromise and sacrifice are a normal part of any relationship, codependency can pervert these concepts to a point where they become detrimental or downright harmful to all parties involved. This harmful relationship dynamic can occur amongst romantic and non-romantic relationships alike but is a recurring theme in cases of substance […]

How To Stay Sober During New Year’s

New Year’s Eve is a magical time of year that brims with promise and the allure of a fresh start. But aside from the aspirational sentiment of this holiday, it can also be a stressful time of temptation for recovering addicts. NYE is a holiday known for partying, and trying to celebrate without your unusual […]

6 Signs You Need to Go To an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Alcohol is such a deeply integrated cultural norm that discerning when the occasional over-indulgence has become true alcoholism can be difficult. After all, it’s not unusual for a person to drink too much, and doing so doesn’t automatically make them an alcoholic. What ultimately sets a binge apart from a true disorder is the person’s […]

10 Tips for Avoiding Relapse During the Holidays

The holiday season is meant to be filled with joy and merriment, but for a recovering addict, it can be a time of dangerous temptation. Parties are frequent and there’s an overall air of indulgence where we encourage one another to do everything in jolly excess. Plus, this time of year is heavy with expectation, […]

Drunk Driving During the Holidays & Accident Prevention Tips

‘Tis the season for office parties, gift exchanges, potlucks, and general merriment. As the weather cools down and the mood is increasingly festive, the dangers of driving under the influence are probably the last thing on your mind as you gather with loved ones this holiday season. In recognition of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, […]

10 Ways to Cope With Holiday Stress (Without Drugs)

The holidays are supposed to be the happiest time of the year…right? While it may be the season for gathering with friends and being merry, it is often accompanied by sky-high expectations that make the reality anything but. A survey showed that more than half of the participants experienced heightened levels of stress during the […]

Pros & Cons of a Local Addiction Treatment Center

Self-admitting into rehab is one of the hardest – but bravest – decisions a person will make in their lifetime. The next step then becomes: Where to go? With so much riding on your recovery, choosing an addiction treatment center isn’t a decision to be made lightly. But with more than 14,000 treatment facilities in […]

How long does it take to get addicted to cocaine?

To answer the most pressing question on everyone’s mind: yes, cocaine is very addictive and can lead to addiction even after just one try. Though instances of such are far less common compared to drugs like fentanyl or heroin, cocaine still carries a significant risk of causing addiction. As for the specific timeframe of how long […]

What Does Cocaine Do To Your Body?

Within a few seconds after taking cocaine, the pupils will enlarge, body temperature will increase as heart rate and blood pressure begin to speed up and constrict. Soon afterward is a rush of energy, alertness, and euphoria that quickly wears off and leaves you wanting more. This cycle of bingeing cocaine is common in recreational […]

Can Alcoholics Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Non-alcoholic beer would appear to be the perfect solution for a recovering alcoholic: They can maintain their sobriety while once again partaking in social gatherings, or simply indulge in the signature tangy malt flavor of the most popular beverage in the world. Yet, the concept of alcohol-free beer is one of great controversy that has […]

The Dangers of Fentanyl and Alcohol

What is Fentanyl and How Is It Used? Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid with a dangerous reputation. It can be 100 times stronger than morphine, and 50 times stronger than heroin. This increased potency means a greater likelihood of causing life-threatening opioid side effects or a fatal overdose. These already significant risks are amplified […]

Is Alcohol Withdrawal Headache Normal?

Alcohol withdrawal isn’t pretty; it can trigger a host of unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms that can last a few days or as long as a few weeks.  Some are mild and flu-like, with little cause for concern. Other symptoms can be severe, life-threatening, and require hospitalization. Fortunately, alcohol withdrawal headaches aren’t usually part of […]

Oxycodone and Alcohol: A Dangerous Combination

There’s a reason why most medications have a warning label against mixing with alcohol. In this specific instance, the danger of simultaneously using oxycodone and alcohol lies in that they have similar effects on the brain and central nervous system, although they do so in different ways. Both of these substances are depressants capable of […]

Can Alcohol Cause High Blood Pressure? Hypertension & Alcoholism

It’s common knowledge that heavy drinking can have long-lasting and detrimental effects on your liver, kidneys, and brain. However, many alcoholics fail to realize the detrimental relationship between alcohol and high blood pressure that puts their entire body at risk – not just a few organs. Can alcohol cause high blood pressure? Yes. Although scientists […]

Is Alcohol a Stimulant or Depressant?

The effects of alcohol can vary wildly from person to person. Some get energized and rowdy while others become weepy or aggressive. If you’ve ever wondered “Is alcohol a stimulant or a depressant?” the answer is alcohol is a little bit of both.  The Difference Between Stimulants and Depressants Whether alcohol is a stimulant or […]

What Are the 12 Steps of AA & What Do They Mean?

Since its creation in 1935, millions of alcohol addicts have joined Alcoholics Anonymous to curb their destructive drinking habit. The 12 Steps of Recovery, often referred to by its short-form ‘12 steps’. It is one of the cornerstones of this community-based organization. Members are encouraged to revisit these steps as often as necessary to ensure […]

How Long Does Crack Cocaine Stay In Your System?

Crack cocaine, more commonly referred to by its shorthand ‘crack’, is a cruder form of cocaine. These illicit street drugs have a nearly identical chemical and pharmacological makeup to one another. Both are very powerful substances but crack cocaine has a much shorter-lived stimulating effect. Short-lived means that it will be out of your system […]

Am I Addicted?

Are you concerned you are addicted to a substance and need to enter a drug treatment program? The use and abuse of any drug are serious and drug dependence isn’t something that goes away on its own. Being able to recognize the signs of addiction in yourself can help you to make the choice to […]