The Benefits of Giving Up Alcohol

Anyone who has seen other people go through alcohol withdrawal, or experienced alcohol detox themselves, knows how difficult the process can be. However, the weeks, months, and years following those days can also be extremely rewarding. The benefits of giving up alcohol are endless and can affect every aspect of a user and their loved one’s lives. This is a comprehensive list of various health, social, and financial benefits of acting on a choice to drink “no more alcohol”. 

Financial Benefits

If you drink alcohol, you know it is not cheap. Many people with an alcohol use disorder will purchase inexpensive, low-quality alcoholic beverages to drink on their own. This does not mean that they do not also go out to bars where the cheapest drinks are $3-4 beers and cocktails can be upwards of $20. Those who drink often also usually have higher tolerances. This means they need to buy more alcohol to get the same results. 

Beyond saving on the cost of alcohol itself, giving up alcohol can have numerous other financial benefits. For one, it is inevitable that individuals who drink and drive will eventually get pulled over or get in a car crash that leads to hefty legal fees. Alcohol also affects brain function. Those who give up this liquid drug may find themselves more motivated and efficient at work, leading to raises, promotions, and bonuses. It won’t be long before the bank account starts going up, up, up!

Health-Related Benefits of Alcohol Use

Speaking of brain function, this is one of the health-related reasons to stop drinking and give up alcohol. A resilient organ, the brain can heal itself and compensate for any damage that many have been caused by drinking. This process can take months or years but does happen. Improvements may include:

  • Improved decision making
  • Clearer thoughts
  • Better mood
  • Greater enjoyment from everyday life
  • More motivation

The liver is another one of the organs that is greatly affected by alcohol consumption. Liver damage caused by alcohol heals as long as the liver is not already in failure. A healthy liver contributes to overall better health.

One last major health benefit of giving up alcohol is weightloss. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and excessive consumption leads to weight gain, Without the extra calories, alcoholics in recovery often experience weight loss. 

Social/Relationship Benefits

Another aspect of one’s life that will benefit from giving up alcohol is their social life. This includes romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships. Although some find it easier to socialize with alcohol, there isn’t a healthy relationship that can’t survive without alcohol. Fixing relationships, letting go of toxic relationships, and building new relationships that are healthy is indescribably difficult. The one thing we can tell you is that it is also extremely rewarding. Additionally, the right social circle can become a support system that makes sobriety easier. Putting in the work and effort is certainly worth the reward.

Many of these aspects of giving up alcohol are connected. The less you drink, the better your body is able to regulate its serotonin production, the better you feel mentally, the more motivated you are, the more you exercise and feel great, the more likely you are to surround yourself with positive people, and so on. It’s a cycle. The only way you can truly learn how you would benefit from this drastic lifestyle change of quitting alcohol is to try it yourself. One must be dedicated to the process, but no one says it has to be done alone. Never be afraid to ask for help from an alcohol detox program.

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